Tourism, Accommodation and Historical Attractions in Durban, South Africa


An Introduction.

Durban surrounds Durban Bay, Africa's busiest port and the world's ninth largest. Also, a popular seaside destination and jumping off point for Zululand
Durban Accommodation Guide


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Durban is South Africa's premier resort. The subtropical weather is sultry in summer and mild and sunny in winter. Wide, sandy beaches washed by the warm waters of the Indian ocean extend for miles. The city boundaries extend along 60kms of coastline and inland for 60kms.

Durban's beachfront showing the Golden Mile, Durban Bay, the city and hotels.

Adjacent to Durban's four mile Beachfront - the Golden Mile - are stylish promenades, lawns, gardens, a profusion of subtropical plants, curio markets, paddling pools, shops, restaurants and amusement centres.

Durban Accommodation GuideServicing more than one million tourists annually is a well oiled hospitality industry consisting of many fine hotels, nightspots, shopping malls and ethnic attractions. On the cool hills surrounding the city are traditional villages, quaint shopping centres, craft markets, sparkling dams and big game parks.

The Tugela river tumbles over the Natal Drakensberg in the second highest falls in the world The hinterland of KwaZulu-Natal offers a dazzling spectrum of attractions. The gem has to be the Natal Drakensberg, mountains that rise to more than 10,000ft. They are a magnet for those who desire peace, solitude, a time for reflection - or simply wish to engage in some serious climbing.

The province has the largest number of battlefields including intertribal wars, wars fought between the Voortrekkers (Dutch pioneers) and the Zulus, the British and the Zulus and the British and the Boers.

To the north of Durban is Zululand and Maputaland - big game country with some of the world's best known game reserves - and some of the least known but equally impressive.

None of these is more than three hours easy driving from your hotel room. Once there, a variety of accommodation is at your disposal. Bush lodges, cosy country hotels B&Bs - take your pick.

Finally, there are the Zulus, a once mighty nation that inflicted on the British their most humiliating defeat. Take time to become more acquainted with Zulu traditions and folklore.

Again, welcome to our premier city!

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